Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I've been working on

Still no finished pieces to share, but I've been working hard. I guess I did finish a bracelet for myself on Sunday but I didn't take a picture, maybe I'll will later this week. Anyway, I'm still working on a big batch of copper pieces. I like to create in batches because I feel like its a lot faster to use the assembly line method - I'm all about efficiency.
I've got these pieces very close to being done - cut, designed, textured/stamped, riveted (for the most part), and tumbled. Now they need some patina and to be sealed. There are a few things that I will rivet after the patina because I only want one of the pieces patinated.
Yesterday, Liam and I worked on these together. He requested a bracelet and necklace for himself along with a special necklace for my cousin's daughter (I don't know, his second cousin removed?) who is about to have her 4th birthday. Liam really enjoyed helping me stamp the letters and getting to decide what each pendant would say. He requested that we write "Mom" on his necklace. Such a sweet boy! Here they are so far...

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