Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Buried in Tagua & Copper

It has been a crazy week so far - I've barely come up for air! I am working on a bunch of stuff for an art gallery, Purloin Studios, that I am going to start selling at. I'm excited for this opportunity and it's a great time of year to start at a new gallery.

I've been working every spare moment - late nights and early mornings. Yesterday, my Dad even came over for two hours and helped me pound and cut copper. Two hours of his time is like four of mine! I'm always very thankful for his help.

I just received a new shipment of tagua. All of the colors are beautiful! I wasted no time and dove right in. Liam even made a design or two - he loves tagua. I hope to finish some necklaces tomorrow, take pictures and get them in my etsy shop soon.

Here's a picture of the tagua and my Dad working away in my disastrous basement.

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