Monday, October 8, 2012

The weekend

Well, after a jam-packed week, we had a weekend filled to the brim. Sometimes I wonder why we always try to fit so much into such short amounts of time but then I realize that it's just the way I am. A full and active (I'm not talking about exercise here though I wish I was) lifestyle is ingrained in my character. I honestly can't handle sitting around with nothing to do for more than 1 day, 2 max. Anyway, here's how it went down:

Friday was Bill's birthday and I had a surprise getaway planned. First I had to do dishes, fold about 10 loads of laundry, bathe the kids, get everyone packed and have myself looking decent all by 1:00pm. Good thing I only had to pack for one night! The plan was to drop the kids at my parents, pick up my nephew and drop him off by his Dad, deliver jewelry to the new gallery I've just joined (Purloin Studio) and then get to downtown Milwaukee by 5:30pm to pick up our concert tickets! Whew!

Everything pretty much went according to the plan. When I got to Purloin Studio I met the owner, Susan, who was very sweet and happy to see my work. As I was unpacking she encouraged customers to get the first look at my jewelry. One lady was thrilled with the Tagua necklaces and trying to decide which one to purchase. That was so encouraging for me since this is the first gallery I'm selling at. It's always awesome to see other people enjoy your work.

We headed downtown, got our tickets, had a great dinner and went to the concert. We saw NEEDTOBREATHR. We had no idea they were so popular - the place was packed! The band was unbelievably talented but the overall show wasn't what we expected. It's weird to me that a so called Christian band never made mention of God when they had ample opportunity. I had hoped for more. I know even more that I'm not just a "music person" - I am a worship person!

Saturday we got to sleep in! Bill said that was the best gift he had ever received. We did a little shopping and headed to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch. I stopped in Anthropologie and fell in lust over everything in there! Oh man, it's all so lovely. One thing I dislike is that although the jewelry design there is amazing almost everything is made of plastic beads - I just don't like that. And that was it for our 24 hour getaway. We were happy to get our babies back - they had a great time at grandma & grandpa's house.

Sunday afternoon we went to some friends' house for a harvest party with everyone else from church. The hosts are some of the coolest people we know - a retired couple, Tony & Paula, who make everything from scratch and build amazing things. Tony built a log cabin that is stunning, a covered wagon and beautiful benches for us all to enjoy. We had a great time! Pictures below (first - Liam riding in front with Mr. Tony, second - Dad, Bill, Liam, Me and Mom, and third - Liam driving the tractor):

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