Monday, January 21, 2013

A Home Makeover

Well, it seems to be the time of year when I start to get fidgety and want to change something's in the house. We are going all out this year and moving my office/jewelry room to the basement where my work bench is, moving the boys to my old office and redecorating our bedroom. So far all of my jewelry stuff (mess) is moved, but the office part is still there and our bedroom is almost done!

I'm a no nonsense kind of girl. I picked gray for our bedroom on Thursday and Friday night we went and bought the paint. On Saturday, we taped, primed and painted! My husband also worked on cleaning out his boxes in the basement. On Sunday, we ripped off all the tape (not fun), moved our furniture back and then crashed. We were pretty exhausted but thankful we got so much done! The boys were awesome through it all. Liam was thrilled that we now had a gray room.

Next in line is cleaning out the office and moving the boys. Here are some before and after pictures of our room. They aren't that great because I took them with my iPhone but you get the idea and I still have to decorate so more pictures to come...

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