Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good news all around!

Well, life is busy as usual. Yesterday was Henry's first birthday! He's such a beautiful little guy. People stop us all the time to tell us he's pretty - it's funny how they hesitate to say a boy is pretty or beautiful but there's just something about those sweet little eyes that scream beauty. I'm a proud momma, obviously!

Anyway, his first birthday was great. We had a mini party, but the whole family is coming on Sunday after church to celebrate. The mini party consisted of us, my parents & my nephew. Henry was literally doing a little dance when he opened his new handmade, wooden cars & trains. He moves them along and makes noises for them. I can't help but wonder how at the age of 1 he knows how to make car sounds - the mystery of being a boy! He had a great day!

On the jewelry front, I just heard from Stringing Magazine that they accepted 4 of my 6 subscriptions for publication. I'm pretty excited as this was my first submission. I'm not sure why they rejected the other 2 pieces, but I'm not going to let myself be upset about it because seriously, 4 pieces getting published is pretty darn cool!

I had a show last weekend at a high school about an hour away. It went well. I had a great response from people. I was a little bit surprised though by the fact that a lot of people weren't buying. Other vendors also mentioned this - people seemed hesitant. I'm not sure if it's because it was so close to the election and that makes people nervous? It's weird because I would never buy or not buy because of an election but I guess I'm not normal. In the end I had a few great sales and then a bunch of small ones so I exceeded my goal and had a good time. I love getting out and interacting with customers!

Enjoy your weekend. It'll be a busy one for us with family coming in from NY to celebrate our little Henry. Here he is...

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