Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh blog, I'm sorry I've neglected you

It seems that blogging crosses my mind quite often these days, but I never actually get around to doing it. The life of a mother of three is a whole lot more work than I realized it would be (duh!). I felt like I was completely submersed in toddlers and babies for a long time and now I can kind of see the light of day. I'm not saying it's been a bad few months, just filled to the brim with little room for anything extra. Lots of beautiful moments with my babies. Here are some updates:

My oldest, handsome boy, Liam, turned 4 years old this summer. He's a mini Bill (my husband) in the making. This boy is starting to look like Dad, act like Dad, talk like Dad, think like Dad and on and on it goes. His mind amazes me. Oh, and he now thinks that we are soooo old! Last week at school (yes, he started pre-school this year), he learned about fire safety. He came home and told me, "Mom, if you are on fire, you stop, drop, and roll!" I said, "I know. I learned that in pre-school too." To which he replied, "But Mom, that was ages and ages and hundreds of years ago!" Really Liam, I'm 28 years old! And that about sums up Liam.

Henry, aka the sweetest boy in the whole world, is into more mischief than one could dream possible. This boy can open every door in the house, including the sliding glass door leading him to the great outdoors (usually in just a diaper nonetheless) and the closet that houses all the snacks and treats. If anything is out of reach in any room of the house, he carries a chair into the room and figures out how to get what he "needs" - he's very resourceful! But, I did mention his sweetness, Lord have mercy, that boy knows how to tame his mother's heart. When in trouble, Henry quickly strokes my face and calmly says, "Hi, Momma." And that's it, I'm totally melted.

That would bring me to my little beauty, Norah. This girl has the most beautiful deep, brown eyes complete with lashes that go on forever! She is one blessed little girl. More importantly, she is doing very well - healthy as can be and keeping up with all of the typical milestones. Her adoption was finalized in September!!!!!! Our entire family let out a huge sigh of relief and a Hallelujah when the judge struck his gavel. We are so thankful to have our girl.

Through all of this, I've continued working on my jewelry. I did a whopping 1 show all year. That's OK with me. I now create only pieces I love and would wear myself - I have no time for anything else. I've been working mostly with tagua. My metalsmithing days are on hold for a while, like maybe 3-4 years. Tagua is such a great, natural material to work with and the colors are so rich. Combinations and styles are endless. My mind goes wild with ideas. Unfortunately, I also have to photograph all those ideas and list them so I can sell them! I prefer doing shows over selling online, but that's just not an option these days so to etsy I go. I listed a bunch of tagua necklaces today. Check out my shop:

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